Renewals and Wishful Thoughts

I saw that Movie one time called “Hope Floats”, and laughed to myself thinking.  How could one consider that an expression positive, when dog crap floats too, well at least it does in a swimming pool.

We all search for the best in everything holding out hope, with anticipation that everything good will come and nothing bad will happen.  Reality is, the majority of the negative in our lives, we could have prevented by making different choices.  But the beauty of free will is the ability to wish, hope and dream. Inside every individual is a dream, a desire to find what’s missing.  If I could find the courage to tell that someone what I feel when I do, It would be something like this…..

Be my mirror (just look at me), and tell me that you recognize me.

In your eyes I will recognize myself.

You call me forth, with your kindness and warmth.

I want to believe, that you can see wings growing on me.

I only feel the pain of breaking.

I long to shed what I have been, and like a butterfly

That’s left its form, I want to fly.

Boldly we could conquer the world together

The world in us, the one we have never walked on.

The heart is wild

And wild the life that tames it.

Let us stop time, just be here, let questions remain questions

And sense the density of life.

From moment to moment, shed the past and future like bothersome weights

And take hold of the present.

Fine-fibered packed full of riches

Symphony of colors and forms, like heaven fallen to the earth.

We could have nothing but this moment.

All loving and living, could begin now.

Against the sky, we are silhouettes, we are fingers stretched out, words looking for listeners.

We are skin wanting to be touched.

Will you help me change my fears into wisdom?

Will you be the touch that calls my skin to life?

Will you lure words across my lips?

Will you be the heart my fingertips encounter?

Will you be the color compassionately encircling my world?

Will you stand by me?

Will you throw yourself into the search for more,

If you do, loneliness will become non-existent for both of us.

Forms and colors will surrender their secrets

And in our tumble into life we will not be shattered.

You are more valuable to me than you think.

You remind me of all that is yet to come and all that could be if you listen with your heart and soul, and do not let the opportunity pass you by.

And all that can be or should be I will soon be, us, together and happy.

There comes a time in our lives when circumstances change.  Whether we like them or not they change us.  We either learn to grow from them through the pain they inflict upon our soul, or we let them destroy us.  I wrote this poem during one of those phases in my life, when it was time for change, time for renewal and time to make chapters of my life anew.  I held out hope, then said goodbye, then made changes.  It still to this day amazes me how educated people can make some of the most unwise choices when it comes to matter of the heart.

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