A little About Me….


My close friends call me JD, which stands for “Just Dawn”, plain and simple.  I am a Journalist, Reporter, Author and Professional Photographer, with a passion for writing and sharing whatever happens in my world that may be of interest to my followers and myself.

Many of the posts, articles and writings will promote awareness, spark interest in current affairs, hit a nerve or make someone think twice about how they look at life, current events and family.

In my professional life, I try to be as balanced and fair in my reporting.  In my personal life, I share the many advancements and failures I have made in the world, in hopes that maybe they can be a help to others.

We each choose a path in life.  I have chosen the road that always seems to be loaded with obstacles.  But what good is a journey, if the road has no challenges for which we can grow and make the destination worth the fight to get to?  I compare many of my journeys to a relationship.  If it is smooth and easy to obtain and seems too good to be true, then that knight in shining armor you have been admiring and finally obtain, will eventually turn out to be an ass wrapped in tinfoil.  I always say, “go for the road less traveled, the road in life that has challenges and obstacles”.  It will make you not only stronger and smarter, but when you reach your goal, you will feel accomplished.

I hope you enjoy the many articles, rants and tales.


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