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Short People Memories

By: JD Author, Reporter-Journalist


The only ones who can get more out of you than the IRS

Raising kids is like a walk in the park.. Jurrasic Park!


In my life, there is no greater joy than the laughter of that small voice, the snuggles given by gently arms and the soft kiss placed gently on my cheek.  My grandchildren, my “short people”, the most precious part of my world.  Until someone becomes a grandparent, they will never understand the feeling and emotions.  There are no true words to express exactly how it feels.  The moment you look at, hold and feel that first grandchild and every grandchild to follow, your heart changes, you have an overwhelming feeling of joy that is without comprehension until it happens.

10440667_10207816541041167_6033093872042764800_nI grew close to my Grandson Chase while babysitting for him for almost 4 years and the joy he brought me, made me feel 20 years younger.  Some days I felt like a kid, playing with matchbox cars in the dirt and coloring until our fingers ached.  Then when he was old enough for pre-school, we didn’t see each other as often.  I actually suffered separation anxiety for a few days.  At least we made beautiful memories that we share laughs about when I see him.

Chase has now moved to Texas with his family and my daughter gave birth last fall to another wonderful boy.

I also have Coraline Elizabeth who is now a year old, and just adorable as ever. 14721595_1691719061145960_7288432262731773617_nShe has such a cute giggle and beautiful blue eyes!

My other grandson and granddaughter live quite far away and I don’t see them except in pictures, and my estranged son and his wife tend to not like socializing with us because of his mental illness and narcissism draws him into a world that portrays them superior to us.  It is sad, but that is their choice and I accept that.  Despite knowing the pain of him only hurting my granddaughter and grandson Emma and Jayden.12688278_1628701900725078_2806060568225843642_n

FaceTime on my iPad is amazing!  I sit and talk to my grandson and we share stories and adventures.  He likes to tell me about his family and his classmates and all the things he is learning in school.  His favorite topic just two days ago was recess.  He said he has a play army of soldiers and followers and they work as a team to protect the playground from bugs.  He says they scan t he area for threats and take out bugs.  He says he doesn’t worry about bees or mosquitoes because his support has his back.  I chuckled.  What a beautiful thing childhood is, where innocence meets imagination.

We used to share many a moment in the imaginary world not too long ago.  When he was small enough to climb in the laundry basket and sit, he would.  Then I would grab a large plastic storage tub and climb in it next to him.  One day they were our rocket ships to explore galaxies as far away as our imagination would let us go.  We shot aliens, dodged asteroids and discovered planets far away.  Other days, they were our vessels to travel the high seas and explore new worlds.  We fought off pirates one day, and then another, we were the pirates the stuffed animal world feared, as they shivered in fright on the couch coastline.

Our adventures were always grand!  He sometimes mentions them when I visit him and I tell him one day he must take his baby brother on adventures, just like we did.  He smiles and says “Nana you can do them with us too when you visit”.  My heart fills with joy knowing the memories we have made and will continue to make over the years.  Memories I have with my grandmother inspired me to do the same.  Even at 52, I still recall how special they were to me and how much I loved her, and I want my grandkids to experience the same.


Any day when I am sitting somewhere and I feel a little blue, I try to think about the most beautiful things in my life that make me happy, and my grandkids always come to mind, and I smile inside.  The dirty fingerprints they leave on walls, the cheerios under the couch cushions and the matchbox cars that have been flushed, all make it the best experiences a person could cherish.



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Dog Day Blues


chase n dallas

Like any other Friday morning, dragging my pajama laden, half-awake body to my back deck, coffee in hand, I was ready to start my day. I sat there enjoying the sunrise, sipping an amazing brew of caffeinated joy, when mother nature spewed her temper tantrum right down on my GPS coordinates.  As I scampered like a frightened cat to get away from the torrents of rain being bestowed upon me, I tripped over the dog and was jolted into a whole new complication.  I found myself straddling a cactus plant that was within an inch of penetrating my posterior….

Gravity won twofold. I was now resting on the cactus and covered in my coffee.  When I finally regained my composure, but not without spewing words in at least three languages that would surely make the whole US Navy blush, I proceeded to head to the bathroom and remove the impaled thorns from my butt cheeks and shower.  Folgers is not a good aroma on me.

I dressed and prepared to head out to pick up my grandson.  Today I would have a “nana” day with my favorite short person.  Butt still sore, I was glad that it is only a 10 minute drive to meet my daughter at work.  Surely I could handle that, or so I thought.

I managed to get stuck in four traffic jams, pass 5 accidents, and 2 idiots who cut me off.  They really should be happy my butt was too sore.  I really wanted to get out of my car and kick the crap out of then.  Finally, I made it to the pick-up-point in 25 minutes.

The cheery smile, loving hug and sweet face of the blue-eyed munchkin standing there, made all the irritation vanish!  “This is going to be an amazing Friday”, I thought to myself, unaware of the adventure to come on the short trip back home.  Along with my grandson, and unknown to me until I was already committed, the 16 week old little furry terrorist, also known as “Dallas”,  was joining us for the day.  I can handle this, no sweat.  I love puppies.

We hit the highway, laughing together and singing to the nursery rhymes on CD blaring through the speakers.  All of a sudden that furry little terrorist got car-sick.  My grandson started screaming, and gagging as the puppy proceeded to desecrate him, my whole back seat and the floorboard with his breakfast contents.  I attempted to maintain my composure as the smell wafted forward in my little Chevy Aveo.  To top it off, GRID-LOCK.

Traffic in front of us came to a complete halt.  Here we were, trapped in a car with a vomiting dog, pouring down rain, and in the middle lane with absolutely no escape route available. Happy Friday to me!

After 10 minutes of a standstill on the interstate, neither my grandson nor I could handle the smell of doggie barf any longer. It was now obvious we were not going to be moving anytime soon.  I had him remove his shirt, and opened my window and laid it on the top of my car in the pouring rain, along with the jacket of mine that was laying on the back seat and now covered as well.  How in tarnation can there be contents of a 20 lb stomach in a 2 lb dog?

Wailing sirens continued for another 20 minutes.  Finally the highway was clearing as emergency vehicles made their way to the off ramp. Traffic was going to start moving, so I retrieved the items from the top of my car that were soaked, tossed them into the hatchback, jumped in the drivers seat and buckled up to head to our destination.

I had never been so happy to see my driveway!  We pulled in, the dog got tossed in the tub with my grandson, clothes and all.  He splashed around and played.  When done and in dry clothes and dog napping next to him watching cartoons, he fell asleep.  I settled in the chair with a fresh cup of coffee, content with newfound calmness.  Truly after the morning I have had, the coffee was well earned and loaded with enough Kahlua to make a monkey see cross-eyed.  Just another day in the life of a “NANA”!

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