GRASS-roots Efforts to Find Relief


Where Do I Go From Here?

My controversial choice to seek alternatives taught me just how judgmental people can be, as many walk away.


Author, Reporter-Journalist

This year there were also several changes I made in my life.  I have decided to use more natural and alternative means in helping deal with the pain that MS, Arnold Chiari Malformation and Fibromyalgia bring into my daily life.

It was a hard decision to make, but I spoke with those who mattered in my life about it, well at least those whose non judgmental opinions matter.  I have decided to be a criminal and partake of herbal substance the state of Missouri now considers illegal.  See I knew marijuana, although banned, does alleviate many of the complications and pain related to MS, and other muscle and pain disorders, so I partake and just hope not to wind up in jail should I get busted purchasing it. Missouri is not like Michigan or California, which allows it.  Were too full of over judgmental Vicodin® popping bureaucrats who think it is a gateway drug to heroin and methamphetamine’s.  I sure know several Vicodin addicts who have moved on to Crystal meth or heroin, and almost ten times as many medicinal marijuana users who would not dare to touch other drugs.

I was tired of repeatedly taking Ibuprophen® for pain, and did not alleviate it.  Instead it landed me at the gastro-enterologist for treatment of permanent stomach and gastric damages to the lining of my stomach.  These damages required 2 medications all the time to alleviate, and another medication to counter their side effects.  This becoming victim of the pill cycle again.  So instead of taking pain relievers causing damages, I partook of the “herbs”.   I also healed the stomach acid and gastric issues with good old fashioned apple cider vinegar, another natural solution.

I started feeling a lot better, so much so that I actually was able to ride in one of the Bike MS rides, for 150 miles.  Of course I struggled and it hurt afterwards, but I did something I wouldn’t have been able to if I had taken the pharmaceuticals recommended by physicians.  I guess nature had it right, and man of course failed in playing God.  I took my granddaughter to the zoo, played Frisbee golf, and kept up with my friends better than I have in years, whenever we did activities.  I was starting to live!

Just when I thought there was hope and saw that the state was considering Medicinal Marijuana on the ballot, it was once again voted down by people who are so blinded by the profits and campaign donations they get from pharmaceutical companies, they didn’t want to listen to the cold hard facts of scientific research and how it has improved the lives of many people in other states. Once again they were fearful it would be a drug leading to other addictions.  HMM, I thought that’s what Percocet, Vicodin, and Alcohol did?


I was now left with the decision to either break the law or spiral downhill once again.  Why I could take other pain killers, and then medications to counter them as I did several years back, and have no pain, but no life, or I could become a criminal and go across a few state lines to Colorado and purchase what remedy would work, and sneak back home to Missouri.  In the meantime,  I fight for legislation to regain my life, and when I feel I cannot handle the pain and side effects MS brings, I become a criminal until I find relief I need.  I still cannot understand why Narcotics which cause more harm are legally and readily available, and something so natural is a crime.  Why we don’t hear of all the deaths so often caused by legal prescriptions?

So now, I as many others living in pain, fight legislation for relief, from behind our computers, and with help from friends, because thanks to the government forcing unjust regulations, we cannot do as much as we like, because we cannot partake of what alleviates our misery as often as we like.

I spend my days reaching out to others that have medical conditions preventing them from living their lives to the fullest, and when life gets to tough, I commit a misdemeanor or two in the name of liberty and freedom, because I do believe the Constitution allows me to do to my body as I so choose and I acknowledge no other authority that does not adhere to the Constitution.  I have found journalism to be my source of venting and relaxation, as some days it is about all I can do, without discomfort.

Just as our lives belong to us and how we live determines the outcome, so is our health.  How we choose to fight our health battles determines the outcome.  I shall fight for the best alternative care that works for me, and hope that one day, my voice will be heard.

The hardest part is staying silent.  I suppose if half of my family read my book, or stayed at my house long enough to notice my routine, they may find they’re in the presence of a criminal and report me themselves.  Should we not have a choice?

How many of us know people we are close to, that get behind the wheel of a car after consuming a drink or two?  They may not be over what the state law constitutes as legally intoxicated, but we know they are impaired enough to act quite idiotic and not rational?  So I will take my retribution, live with my conscience, and continue what works for me.


  There is a journey we all take in life, this is mine.  Let me take it my way and be happy that I am alive to continue it.

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