Taking Time to Meditate

Meditation is not just for the yoga guru nor the person seeking some enlightenment or hear their dead ancestors speak to them in visions, it is also a moment to just reflect and remember lessons learned in the past and how they can be learning tools for our future.  Looking back at our successes and failures help guide us to where we want to be in our future.

When were able to reach within ourselves and find understanding of our place in the vast universe we affirm our inner strengths and capacities, face our fears, and listen to the song of our own soul, it’s rhythmic drumbeat speaks to us.  When we have fallen enough, then gotten back up again, and learned how to take the time to meditate and reflect on our past, we begin to grow.

As creatures formed by the great creator, we can best meditate and reflect when we become one with the rest of his handiwork, nature.  We are at a point of change or transition in our lives, shedding what weakens us over time and distancing from negativity as much as possible.  Finding a place among nature to take the time to reflect, we can bring us to a neutral place to be one with the creator.

We’re not so far from the lives our ancestors lived, close to the intimate rhythms of nature. I we could travel back a hundred years, a thousand years, we could see that it’s all right there: the sound of birdsong cutting through a crystal clear morning, the majesty of a sky full of starlight so bright that you can walk around under its glow, the wind whipping through a terrain of deep silence, the feeling of animal beings in their own home territory.

Although modern times have become a part of our world, when we take time to meditate and become one with nature, we once again are no longer separate from the rest of creation.  We are beautiful creatures capable of great things, if we can see the majestic possibilities before us and our advancement of being.

If we do not do this often we become disconnected and the loss of our relationship to God’s creation, nature, means we once again risk losing part of our own soul. In the natural world, a mirror of “human nature,” we can rediscover our wholeness, and there we have the capacity to renew ourselves. When we focus on our goals, and become driven to follow our destiny and what is meant for us we affirm an unbreakable bond between the human and natural world.

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