A sense of Purpose

Do you ever wonder what creates that urge or sensation of extreme restlessness in your life?  Do you wonder why it is that concentration and focus seems out of reach?  Instead of always questioning why, perhaps it is best that we work harder to not just hear our inner being talking to us, but to start listening to what it is trying to tell us.

Inside each and every one of us there is an inner purpose that can be ignored only so long before it creates an overwhelming mass of turmoil within.  This inner calling is a call to the Soul.   It is not as if a voice in our head that speaks to us, but more the questions we ask ourselves, where no one else can hear.

We may question what am I doing here and where am I going in my life?  Is there meaning out there for my existence?  Is this all there is in life for me?  It is not that we feel the lack of success, or that we have under achieved our worldly goals, but that having everything material in life and being a financial success does not always mean we have been successful  any more than being poor and living with the mere basics means we have not been.

Success is determined by how we utilize our full potential in life.  Everyone has a purpose and destiny.  Our destiny is determined by a power higher than all of our decisiveness.  We just need to pay attention to the inner timetable of our own awareness.  When it does, a spiritual alarm clock goes off, and it becomes almost impossible to ignore.  Many have a heightened awareness and perception in life.  At least 1 in 10 do possess good perception, and are considered gifted with knowledge and out of those millions, so few still understand the true Synchronicity and its interconnection to the universe, and their potential to utilize it for good.

Heightened awareness is a sense of basic synchronicity blended with common sense along with using and trusting your intuition.  We all have an interconnection with the Universe.  With this connection we have an invisible weave interlinking us between people and events; that together, in a way, bring what is meant to happen in our lives, into existence.  They are not based in a traditional comprehension of causality.  I am humored sometimes at how people determine sense verses sensible natural concept of probability.  That leads to misinterpretation of the message one senses.  It also is most likely a response to what one perceives as willed desire verses realistic concept.

There are many amazing situations that can happen in your life when your inner awareness changes.   This is also not to be confused with the grandiose sense of knowledge or feeling of knowing.  It is a true awareness of the simplistic inner you, flaws and all.  For acknowledging your weaknesses, they become new strengths to grow upon.   It will eventually guide you to where you will have energetic thoughts that revive your spirit within, bringing about a new sense of change; you may experience intents and direction of interests that take you where you would have never imagined yourself going and desires that will align with all the natural vibrations around you.  When this happens it will mingle together into a harmonious melody of existence.

This harmony does not mean there will be no struggles in your life, but it will give you a better sense of how to use your inner strengths to cope with whatever crosses your path.  Our beautiful universe is always willing and waiting to show us something wonderful.  Synchronicities bring to the forefront of your thoughts the information for your waking consciousness along with your subconscious state to gently guide and direct you to what is in alignment with your own personal growth.  It is whispering to your soul a hint, for you to watch and wait.

Listen carefully when your soul whispers for the lessons are sometimes very subtle. Life’s events are not always very transparent; however, this too becomes a lesson in intuition and strengthening your internal hearing.

There are also times when that inner voice happens through other events such as a thought that comes to you while reading a book, reading a blog, glancing at a phrase or seeing an image.  You get a feeling it is speaking to you and it probably is.  Be sure you do not make the most common mistake, and take an offensive stance.  Use it as a learning tool, because although what you see may not have been meant to be interpreted as such, but triggers the inner message within you, that something in your life need changing.  Life is always full of changes, and we as humans are flexible beings and adapt well to changes when we open out minds, listen to our souls, base much less of our lives on self gratification and awaken to more self awareness of our true potential in life.

My point is, what have you been hearing from within lately?  Are you listening with your soul and not the mixed messages based on basic human emotion driven by physical sense of comfort?  Work to find the best within yourself, by listening to what is within you, that you ignore so often.  Be who you are meant to be, no matter where it may lead you.

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