We the People

Throughout our history as a nation we have allowed the repeated and perpetual suffering and injustice that have been occurring on an unfathomable scale. We ask ourselves often, how did we let our country get this way?  Well the answer is simple if we look in the mirror. The vast majority of this allowance was all because of people just like us. We are the systemically trained and well indoctrinated conformists.

For the most part, we, as well as many of our friends have become a group of people who do as we are told or what is the anticipated norm.  We proudly cower in submission to the self proclaimed ring leaders in the circus of life. We follow the crowd to fit in. We base our actions on the actions and reactions of others, believing what everyone else believes in, and thinking whatever the governing authority tells us to think.   We as well as our fellow citizens have become a nation of “sheeple”, blindly following a shepherd ready to lead us to the slaughter.  We are not able to process and think for ourselves so we follow along, unwilling to veer out on our own path and seek the truth, for fear the journey may be rugged and bumpy.  We cannot handle reality.

Yes, that is us, as we sit here in our homes, work or in public just existing and remain ignorant by choice. The truth is readily available to us, and yet we do nothing but turn a deaf ear and blind eye to it.  We shun the truth and label those making it available to us for many decades as extremists.  They are not extremists nor are they radicals, but are people who only seek to open our eyes so that they actually can try to free us from enslavement to a failed system.

We condemn these people as extremists, nut cases, or radicals; running away because we cannot handle the truth.  They try to use the truth to show us the chains of bondage we wear, yet we turn away because we don’t want to be free, we don’t even want to be human, we just want to exist.  This has become the norm for us because that is what our friends and colleagues are doing.  We make our decisions based on a long history of doing what others do because it is easier than having to think for ourselves, yet want to blame everyone else for the bad decisions that affect our nation and us a whole.

We have come to the point where we cannot process our own thoughts and have independence to save ourselves from our own imprisonment.  Taking responsibility and reality for our own thoughts and decisions, despite what others around us believe, becomes frightening to us because it is easier to be like everyone else than to stand out in a crown on our own two feet. We cling ever so tightly to our own enslavement and lash out in a defensive tirade at any who seek to free us from it.

The truth-seekers and freedom fighters have been waving the keys in the form of honesty directly in front of us, yet we back away in total fear of change. We do not want freedom from our prison cell of injustice in life.  We would rather stay caged than be free. There must be change. We must open our eyes and see the truth.  We must free ourselves, by speaking out and demanding change. We have been told this many times, and still we choose to blindly follow the false shepherd, encouraged by the wolves amongst us in sheep-like attire.

Well my friend, there comes a time when those so called radicals trying to wake us up are fed up with our not listening or caring.  There has been so much wasted effort trying to convince us that we should be free. We should have the right to speak for ourselves, and know we have a choice.  We should not be enslaved to a system that only benefits itself and those it employs.  Instead we revert to the words and teachings of our ring leaders in the circus of life, and cry out that being free only leads to our self destruction.  We’re so well trained that no matter how irrational this is, we believe it to be fact.  We have had it whipped into us at the hands of the ring master that if we are being obedient and subservient that we will experience peace and prosperity one day, yet that day will never come.

There is no one more blinded by fallacy than “we the people”.  We are not willing to open our eyes to the truth, and see for ourselves. We are just one of a nation of many sheep, who would much rather be taken to the slaughter than to see the truth.  In the end, we are getting exactly what we deserve.

©Copyright protected 2013: JD, NWU Local 1981

©United Press International,   ©International Association of Press Photographers and Journalists   Press ID # 1007490467

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