Ramblings~10 Shoes 1 Paycheck

I published this in my first book a few years ago, and on occasion I like to read it again and remember the good ole days, when single parenting did not mean collect a welfare check or wait for a handout, or everyone else pay for the 4 beautiful children I brought into the world that would grow up to be adults and are still some days a pain in my ass.

It’s said that sometimes to gain freedom from one circumstance one must sell their soul to the devil or it is sold for us.  To escape a horrid  mess of experiences all through childhood into early adulthood, I always took the entertaining and challenging paths.  I believe we all walk that path at one time or another.  After arriving in Missouri, I did such a thing.  Within a few years, I found myself betrothed, mother of four and then a single parent.  What a whirlwind.

I have no regrets as I did bear four beautiful children, two before I even had a driver’s license. I love them unconditionally, but now as they are grown, I think back and comprehend why some species of mammals eat their young.  Temperance is something I became well versed in.  There I was, the proud mom of a four, three, two and one year old, alone in a big city.  The toddler and pre-school years just beginning, let the adventure begin!

Up by five

One more day begins

The rat race called life,

 Just who really wins?

Throw clothes on kids

Breakfast to cook

Do we need jackets today?

Let me go look.

Put shoes on your feet

Then out the door,

Buckle up let’s roll

To the sitter once more.

Mom has to work

To pay them bills

Buying diapers and vitamins

Food, clothing and a few weekend thrills.

There are sniffles, coughs

Barfing and diseases,

All to rid them of

As mother nature pleases.

Clock out at five

Head out again

Pick up the kids

Then a weekend to plan.

Race through rush hour

Home to fix the night meal,

chores, cleanup then baths

Did you wash behind your ears this time for real?

Bedtime Stories then close your eyes

It’s time for sleep

Say your prayers dear kids

And pray my sanity I do keep.

For tomorrow will come

 And as sure as the sun does appear

We will do it again

For yet another year.

     Between packing sack lunches, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and college classes, I wasn’t quite sure where the first day of the week began and the weekend before ended.  I felt like a hamster on a wheel, running all day and getting absolutely nowhere.  Then School days arrived.  Truly this is the best thing that man created.  You can dress your kids, force them onto the big yellow bus, pray they don’t lick the windows, pick their nose until it bleeds, wet their pants or catch Chicken pox.  Then thank the good Lord they can torment someone else besides you in eight hour stints, several times a week.

How they love to ride the yellow bus

To meet with all their friends

They do school work and then they play

The growth and learning never ends.

They start to read and minds expand

Knowledge takes ground

Then they begin to think they know everything

Mom, the idiot, now does abound.

Their education I once cherished

Has now become my recurring nightmare

For Middle School days can drive a parent

To want to rip out all their hair.

     I really do understand the species of mammals that eat their young, most likely were peering in my windows before they consumed them, and made a conscious decision.  Oh and let’s not forget what follows Middle School, the all so memorable ‘I know everything, and you know nothing years’, labeled High School.

You had better plant your money tree before they enter second grade, because by the time they reach that age, the Bank of Mom will see very few deposits and thousands of withdrawals.  A whole orchard if you plan on throwing in any college years.  Since we know Ed McMahan has not been able to correctly GPS my address for many years now.

©Copyright protected 2011: JD, NWU Local 1981

©United Press International,   ©International Association of Press Photographers and Journalists   Press ID # 1007490467

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