When the Soul Speaks

Plato said it well when he stated that “Thinking is the talking of the soul with itself.”  I find my soul talking often, and it’s the awaiting an understanding of what my soul is saying when it speaks to me, that becomes my most complex of tasks to process.  Even more perplexing is when you respond or find your talking out loud to yourself about these innermost thoughts.

Many times when I have been caught talking to myself or thinking out loud in public, I chuckle and just tell people that “The voices in my head are arguing, 6 of the 7 agree.  We might have to kill the non compliant one to create unanimous harmony”.  The reaction it draws from individuals some occasions can be priceless.    I am sure they think to themselves that I must have been a patron on the short bus during my academic years.

Understanding how our soul speaks to us is really not as complex as it seems.  It is not in a voice, as if a person were conversing with us.  It is a sense or a feeling.  The sense that the decisions we make, or the end results of our actions, will either reap a benefit or a positive outcome in the long run.  Or a feeling that the choices we base on the sense that our soul has spoken to us will create, change who we are for the good.

Then let us not forget the negative side.  When we think we are listening to our soul and it is actually our heart we are listening to and we screw up Karma and it becomes a downfall we spend picking up the pieces we have broken and the recovery can take ages.  I have ignored my soul and listened to my heart more times than I can remember.  The pain it has caused, and the scars it has left behind remain.  Although I put them on a shelf at times and pretend they don’t exist, they do.

We can never change who we are, our circumstances or how we think or feel.  But as we learn to reach deep into our soul and rely on our senses, the voice of our soul, we begin to evolve into who we should become. We become much stronger than the physical challenges that plague our daily lives. It’s learning to listen to the right voice, understanding what it is saying, the message can only be clear to us when we go against the heart, go with our gut feeling and listen with the soul.  When you listen with your soul, the heart will soon follow, and then destiny is born.  You become a champion in the battle for living your life to the fullest, and making the limitations only on the exterior.

Speaking sometimes gently and others curtly stern

Striving to understand, listening, so I may learn;

Focusing on the message given so cryptically

I often truly wonder, what my soul is telling me.


Frequently catching glimpses embedded in my mind

They resemble brief images making little sense.

Until I compare them with the words

That set upon my soul in pretense.


The visions seem clearer as I meditate and think,

The purpose of their meaning and lessons I must learn.

Will they guide me through my journeys with a sense,

Of which path I need to take and where to turn?


Some moments are of absolute comfort

My soul speaks with compassion and tenderness,

Other times harsh as if to reprimand and discipline

My thoughts abruptly scolded firm none the less.


All is taken in with stride for in it I find much growth

Leading me and lighting the way for productivity

Strengthening the very fibers, growing wiser in life

And molding what is to be more of me.


Exerts from: Walk with Me-My MS Journey © 2011

©United Press International,

©International Association of Press Photographers and Journalists

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